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John’s services were recommended to me and I went to him with for help with two very specific issues. I was impressed by the way he proposed a structured decision-making process tailored to my exact needs. One of the outputs was an approach to answering an inevitable job-interview question. With John’s assistance I have already used the approach to turn a potential banana skin into a match-winning position.

JW of Rickmansworth

John made me work hard at breaking down barriers and walls that I thought I had built to protect myself but were really there to give me excuses to not be the best that I could be.

Mel Gizzy, Massage Therapist

My sessions with John came at a time when I really needed them. I found John’s approach subtle, yet very efficient and I had a sense that someone was really giving me their undivided attention. John helped me find a clear path towards what I wanted to achieve, by helping me to feel that it was all achievable that I really did have everything I needed in me. I am still moving forward very confidentially with the goals we worked on. Thanks John.

A Pieczkowska

Thank you for your help in getting me motivated. I have now almost completed everything that I set out to as well as tackling a number of other distracting issues. I would not be at this stage now without having our coaching sessions.

J Gordon, Buyer for a major retail outlet

John is a talented and insightful coach who was able to draw out the best from me as a client and provided excellent support and motivation. I achieved all the goals I set far faster with his assistance than I would have done on my own. I can highly recommend him.

E Gleeson, Associate Coach and Writer

My coaching journey with John began with a rather vague goal and I wasn’t even sure it was obtainable! But within the first two sessions John helped me get to the root of some limiting beliefs. John has a clear questioning technique, a sensitive approach and the ability to apply just the right supporting exercise at just the right moment. These were like magical hat tricks and have helped me move forward, understand more deeply and see more clearly. I truly learned so much. I now have a clear path ahead - thank you so much John!

S Taylor, Artist

Well, where do I start? I felt like I was ‘stuck in a groove’ in a particular area of my life and thought that a coaching session would help me with getting some perspective.

John and I agreed to six sessions in total, and to be honest, I’m gutted I never did it sooner. I managed not only to get a new [and, considering my circumstances, more appropriate] perspective on my life, but to also look at what had been holding me back generally.

The perspective I got enabled me to examine myself in a whole new light - I discovered what my strengths and weaknesses were, and managed to find ways to focus on and use them to support me. To sum up, from wanting to find tips and methods to help me deal with one area, I got so much more out of coaching than I had ever thought possible - I feel a lot more capable and confident in every area of my life, and according to comments from friends and family, I have definitely changed for the better.

I cannot thank John enough for what he has done and what he has given me... so thank you so much, John!!

J Askem, Business Owner and Snow Board Instructor

The e-coaching course provided me with exercises and tools to assist with achieving my goal of improved work-life balance.

Initially, I was a bit unsure whether completing the coaching course online would be an effective method for me. I’d need to be quite motivated to stay on track. What I realised was that by setting aside time each week to complete the exercises, I was able to reflect and decide what is ‘really important to me’ and what ‘I really want’. I believe it is far more powerful to be guided to draw your own conclusions using tools and exercises. Also, you ‘get out what you put in’. I’m extremely happy with the results from completing the exercises and now have them available to refer back to anytime. The exercises helped me to look at my expectations of myself and others, and decide ‘what’s working’ and ‘what my development areas’ are. My actions are now aligned with achieving my goal of improved work-life balance. Also, by being more assertive in my approach and delegating work where required, I’m now able to focus my energy on whatever I choose. John has been a very supportive and positive influence and has provided productive and thoughtful feedback along the way. There were no judgement and no right or wrong answers...

What I now know is that focusing my energy on completing smaller stepping goals will help me accomplish my overall goal.

I now have the tools to achieve any goal I choose!

F James, Engagement Manager, Australia

From the beginning of our coaching sessions John helped me clarify my goals, using tools which I still find useful when trying to establish priorities. The outcome of our sessions has been that I have been able to make steady progress towards successfully achieving a specific career development aim. When I felt overwhelmed and a bit buried in achieving that aim, John’s flexible approach helped me realise that I don’t have to focus doggedly on one thing at a time, that there is room to factor in ‘fun’ stuff as well. In a wonderfully non directive and non-judgemental way John helped me to clarify and simplify my path. He provided me with some practical tools and ways of thinking and helped me recognise the ones that I already have which make me feel more in control and self-determining when it comes to shaping my life.

K Woolner, Student

John has helped me gain clarity in the changes that I have been through in my life since we started our coaching relationship. John has helped me keep on track using a number of coaching tools and empowering me to understand and take control in areas of my life that were not so clear to me. When I started with John I wanted to improve the quality of my martial arts training and through John’s help I have now collected two gold medals and a bronze medal. Through the tools John has used I was able to openly explore all the possibilities in my training schedule and I now have the momentum to carry this forward into other areas of my life. Finally I have also found the courage to quit a very lucrative contract as it was not aligned to my values. I have seen great results working with John and would recommend him to anyone who needs or wants to take their lives to the next step. Thanks for your help John.

A Waterman, Life Coach