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“A personal development plan that enables you to move towards achieving your goals”

The aim of the Personal Development e-programme is the same as the personal development coaching, conducted by e-mail. The programme consists of 6 sessions over 6 weeks and includes a range of coaching exercises for you to complete between sessions. By the end of the 6 weeks you will have a personal development plan enabling you to move towards achieving your goal.

Session 1

You will assess your satisfaction in 8 core areas of your life raising your awareness of the areas you are satisfied in and the areas you wish to work on by setting goals

Session 2

You will look at what drives you by raising your awareness of what is important to and important for you relating to your goals

Session 3

You will take stock of what is working and not working for you relating to your goal and prioritising the areas you want to keep the same and the areas you wish to focus on

Session 4

You identify all the skills and resources you already have and what resources, skills and support you may need to achieve your goal.

Session 5

You will look at all the things you could do and then prioritise the options you want to follow up on.

Session 6

Now you have a goal, have checked where you are and identified your options now you will make your options really specific to ensure success.

Some benefits of the personal development e-programme:

  • Work at your own pace - no appointments.
  • You can think things through and complete the exercises in your own time.
  • Useful for international clients living in different time zones.
  • E-Coaching is very low pressure and relaxed.

The personal development e-programme may not suit everyone:

  • It generally relies on “reflective exercises”. These invite you to think deeply about yourself and issues in your life
  • Requires a higher degree of motivation on your part
  • This e-programme does not include 1-1 coaching as standard

“The e-coaching course provided me with exercises to assist with achieving my goal of improved work-life balance and I now have the tools to achieve any goal I choose!”

F James, Engagement Manager - Australia