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“How will you know you have arrived if you don’t know where you’re heading?”

The International Coaching Federation found that coaching clients typically made the following judgements about coaching:

  • 98.5% felt the investment worthwhile
  • 85% wanted a sounding board
  • 78% wanted a motivator
  • 50%+ wanted a more balanced life
  • 33% felt they had more fun in the workplace

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What others have said:

“In a wonderfully non directive and non-judgmental way John helped me to clarify and simplify my path. He provided me with some practical tools and ways of thinking and helped me recognise the ones that I already have which make me feel more in control and self-determining when it comes to shaping my life.”

K Woolner

“My coaching journey with John began with a rather vague goal, within the first two sessions John helped me get to the root of some limiting beliefs. John has a clear questioning technique, a sensitive approach and the ability to apply just the right supporting exercise at just the right moment. These were like magical hat tricks and have helped me move forward, understand more deeply and see more clearly. I truly learned so much. I now have a clear path ahead - thank you so much John!”

S Taylor, Artist

“To sum up, from wanting to find tips and methods to help me deal with one area, I got so much more out of coaching than I had ever thought possible - I feel a lot more capable and confident in every area of my life, and according to comments from friends and family, I have definitely changed for the better. I cannot thank John enough for what he has done and what he has given me... so thank you so much, John!!”

J Askem, Business Owner and Snow Board Instructor

“John helped me find a clear path towards what I wanted to achieve, by helping me to feel that it was all achievable that I really did have everything I needed in me. I am still moving forward very confidentially. Thanks John.”

A Pieczkowska